*What's Wrong with Cotton Seed?

Cotton is one of the most chemically sprayed crops grown in America. From weed killers to insecticides to defoliators, you don't want your family eating meat fed on these chemicals. Unless your grass fed grower specifically feeds organic cotton seed, you should ask questions. At True Grass, we believe "grass fed" should mean "grass fed". Not forage fed, hay fed, cotton seed fed, or only grass finished. Our cattle are on rolling grass pastures from birth until processing. The only time they see humans is at branding time and when they're rounded up to be processed. We don't stand them up in penned groups finishing them "feedlot style" to try and add quick pounds and more fat. We know our consumers don't want that, because we don't want that in our meat either. As with most industries, people are always trying to expand their bottom line. The grass fed industry is no exception. They allow all kinds of forages and other feeds besides grass to be fed, but still allow the term "grass fed" to be applied to the final product. Don't be fooled. If you want beef that's as close to wild meat as possible,

 buy True Grass grass fed beef.    





 "Whole Cow" Hamburger

Our ground hamburger meat is really ground steak. Instead of being ground from the scraps like normal hamburger, our "whole cow" process means it includes the rib eyes, tender loins, roasts, briskets - all the good cuts. This makes for extra flavorful non-fatty or gristly meat. The taste difference is really amazing. If you're family is like ours, ground meat is a staple in many recipes. By choosing True Grass ground hamburger meat, your family can economize without sacrificing quality, taste or their health.

 "Pasture to Plate"

     Our beef starts in the pasture and ends in the pasture. Unlike some other "certified" grass fed beef, we don't finish our cattle on grain or cotton seed.* Our calves spend their entire lives roaming the grassy pastures of our ranch in the Southeastern panhandle of Texas.

    Our meat is from young grass fed cattle taken from the pasture to the processor. In fact, they stay with their own mothers and the rest of the herd until they're big enough to process. Our cattle receive NO hormones or antibiotics. All of our meat is processed in Amarillo, Texas and USDA inspected.

Your family can rest assured that True Grass beef is the freshest and most natural that they'll ever have.